National Level

  • National Seminars: Schools of Education, León, Teruel, Murcia, Soria… (1987, 1988, 1989, 1990) coord. work groups.
  • Psycholinguistics Conference (Barcelona-1985).
  • Seminars on Sociocultural Experiences (Barcelona-1988/89)
  • Seminar on Equality of Opportunities (MEC, Madrid-1990)
  • Conferences on Sociology of Education (Madrid-1990, Barcelona-1991)
  • Conference on Action Research (Valladolid-1992)
  • Comprehensive School Seminar (Pamplona-1992) keynote, coordination
  • Rethinking Education Conference (La Coruña-1993).
  • CC.OO. Conference (Pamplona-2002) coord.
  • Educational Organisation Conference (San Sebastian-2002) coord. work group
  • Teachers Training Conference (Segovia-2005)
  • Psychology and Education Conference (Barcelona-2005)
  • Comparative education Conference (Granada-2005)
  • 1st Internacional Seminar “Intercultural Education” (Jaén-2008)
  • 1st International Conference “Reinventing the Teaching Profession (Málaga-2010)
  • VIth International Conference from a transcultural perspective (Almería-2013)

International Level (English)

  • Infant Education Conference (Regio Emilia-1990)
  • BERA Conference (London-1990)
  • EDU CARE Conference (Copenhagen-1992)
  • Women, Health and Work Conference (Barcelona-1993, Pamplona -1994 coord.)
  • PEDAGOGIA 1997 Conference /PEDAGOGIA 1999 Conference ( La Habana-1997, 1999)
  • TNTEE Conference Lisbon (1999) keynote- Coord. work group.
    AERA Conference (New Orleans-2000)
  • Teacher Education Conference (Umea-2000)
  • ECER Conference (Edinburgh-2000, Lille-2001, Geneve-2007, Vienna-2009, keynote -simposium)
  • ENTEP European Conference (Umea-2001) keynote
  • Preparatory E.C. Seminar for Swedish Delegation (MECD, Madrid-2001) keynote
  • European Doctorate Summer School sessions: (Eslovenia-2004; Umea-2005) keynote-work group
  • 25th ISTE Conference (Taiwan-2005) keynote-team work
  • 26th ISTE Conference (Cape Town-2006) keynote-team work
  • 27th ISTE Conference (Stirling-2007) keynote-team work
  • Gender in education in Scotland (Edinburgh-2007)
  • 29th ISFTE Conference “Trading ideas in teacher education for the XXIst century”. (Odgen, UTAH, USA, 2009) keynote-coordination of team work
  • 30th ISFTE Conference “Educating teachers for a better world”, (Porto Alegre, Brasil, 2010) keynote-team group coordination
  • BITS First Annual world Congress of Biodiversity (Xian, China, 2012) keynote
  • 32nd ISFTE Conference “Educating for — National Happiness: The role of the Teacher” (Pharo- Buthan, 2012) keynote-team work
  • BITS Second Annual World Congress of Biodiversity (Nanjing, China, 2013) keynote
  • 34th ISFTE Conference “Educating Teachers for a Better World” (Belek, Turkey, 2014) keynote

International Summer University Courses

  • Multicultural school: realities and perspectives (Pamplona-2006) keynote-coord.
  • Migrations and social policies in Europe (Pamplona-2006) keynote-team work
  • Can Education contribute to development in Africa? (Pamplona-2007) keynote-coord.
  • ECER Annual Conference “Theory and evidence in educational research” (Vienna, 2009) Symposium network: Didactics: teaching and learning.